Our mission

It is our mission to provide our best care for the little ones. We design our curriculum with a great care and passion for the early development and use as much of natural and ecological materials as possible. We always try to accommodate to the routine of children and allow the soft integration in the routine, with parents present. 

In afternoons we work as an hourly daycare to help parents to live full life, taking care of their health and needs. Whether you have:

  • work to do 

  • a doctor appointment

  • a class to study

  • exercising

  • a meeting to attend

  • an urgent errand to run - we will be there for you. 

Our philosophy

  • Based on the famous psychologist Lev Vygotskiy theory we use guided open-end play to help young children to develop the cognitive, social-emotional and self-regulatory skills. 

  • Our model and innovative English curriculum designed to ensure every child becomes a successful learner and reaches his or her highest potential.

  • Transparency is one of our highest priorities. We have live web cameras so that you can check on your child any time. We will let you know immediately if your baby is in distress and we will find a solution for an easy adaptation period. 

  • Every child is different and has different interests. We provide materials to support all kinds of activities:​​

    • art

    • music

    • nature

    • books

    • constructors

    • life-like toys (pretend play)

    • physical activity

    • sensorial stimulation

  • We encourage curiosity and praise the effort

  • All our installations are natural and absolutely kids friendly

   Our rules

We are willing to provide you the best help. There are rules we have to follow to ensure safety and security of our little guests:

  1. We accept children from 8 months to 7 years as a general rule. Our morning playgroup can attend children from 8 months till 3 yo. 

  2. For safety purposes we will not accept children with signs of contagious deseases. 

  3. We will ask you to fill in the inscription form when you will be attending our center for the first time. That may require some additional minutes. For the morning playgroup the sign up and inscription fee are applied. 

  4. Our after school classes charge additional fee due to the cost of materials we use. Please check the schedule for the details.   

  5. We are open year-round and during most school breaks except official public holidays. Check our Facebook page for updates!

Thank you for your understanding!